When I tell people I live vegan, I often get asked why anyone would do this. “I could never give up cheese.” “But it’s so tasty!”

Here’s my top seven reasons why eating vegan is great:

1. No one gets harmed

This is the most obvious reason. Consuming animal products causes a lot of suffering among wonderful creatures. Whit a vegan diet we are able to reduce the harm to a minimum.

2. You will lose weight

Of course this is not true for everyone (you CAN get fat on a vegan diet) but usually vegan food is lower in fat and salt and has more nutrients. And the cake your office mates will bring usually isn’t vegan 😉

3. No more cholesterol

Vegan food is free of the bad cholesterol. Your body will thank you 🙂

4. You eat mostly alkalising food

Animal protein has a highly acidic effect on our body, something we don’t want. Too much acidity causes several different (severe) problems. Veggies and fruit on the other hand (of which most vegans eat a lot) are highly alkalising so they can help to balance everything out.

5. You will feel more connected to nature

Eating naturally and without causing harm will make you feel connected to nature. You will start to think more about what you eat and where it comes from and be thankful for it.

6. Try out lots of new recipes

When starting to eat vegan, there is a huge amount of food and recipes to be tried. When I was eating an omnivore diet, I always ate the same. But since I’m vegan, I love to try new stuff. And it will never end 😉

7. You make new friends

Okay, this is up to you. But most likely you don’t have a lot of vegans among your friends. At some point you will want to connect to like-minded people and start to reach out for new friends.

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