This is by far the question I get asked most often by people when I’m out and about: if you are vegan and gluten free, what on earth do you eat during the day? For whatever reason, “What do you eat for breakfast?” is the question that comes up most as this conversation gets underway.

Well, I’m off my blogging game, frequency-wise, lately (the snowstorm here is partly to blame, but really I’m not prioritizing well. I need to refocus.) so today I’ll answer this very simple question to get back on track writing here. (Note: one of my new intentions is to write more – and to write more freely – so blog quality here might decrease a bit while I work out the kinks. But it should result in better posts and thus better reading for you. The goal. :-).

Vegan and Gluten Free Breakfast for Busy People

First, I’m busy. And so are you, I bet. We all are. So breakfast’s got to be quick and easy. But it’s got to taste good, too, otherwise we won’t succeed at taking care of ourselves and eating right.

My go-to is gluten free cold cereal, with either rice milk or flax milk or almond milk, etc. With a few pieces of fruit cut on top, and some black coffee. Sounds boring, but it’s not. I’m a coffee guy, but tea works well too. Whatever it is that you like. That’s the most important thing. This keeps things (namely, healthy habits) sustainable.

Other things I eat regularly in the morning:

Gluten Free steel cut oats. A+. Take a bit longer to make, but good for colder days, and sticks with you.

Elizabeth’s granola. Elizabeth’s is bonkers good, but it’s sweet. So I usually eat it in addition to whatever other cereal I’m eating that day. This is a trick my wife taught me – mixing two types of cold cereals together. Almost invariably works great. My step-brother and I used to mix all the sodas together at BK when we were kids. That never really tasted good, but it was fun and we thought it did. Mixing cereals together works much better than this.

Peanut Butter. Important detail (if I’m to tell you what I eat in the morning). I add a dollop of peanut butter to almost any type of cereal I eat in the morning. This is a new habit in the past six months, and it sounds a bit weird, I suppose. I started doing it with oatmeal, and have since started doing it with all types of cereals. Feeds my inner fat-guy, maybe?, and also makes the meal stick longer.

What about you? What’s a go-to in your house and in your day? Smoothies? Something else? Let me know, and I’ll share in our next newsletter, out the 28th of this month.

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