I’ve got 16 days to meet my New Year’s intention to weight 170lbs by February 28, 2013. But I’m doing a horrible job. In fact, I think I’ve gained weight since I set my intention 6 weeks ago. So here is how I plan to lose this weight.

[Parameters are that I need to remain healthy as I do it. That is, if I don’t make my goal, so be it. Won’t be starving myself or doing anything else weird or not authentically healthy. Good health is key and king, as always.]

1. Weigh myself to set a baseline.

I did it this morning, and I was in at just about 180. Bad (for me).

2. Decide today that I won’t waver from my plan.

If I’m to succeed, I’ll need to stay focused on my target. That will require sticking to my plan…

Stay focused on your goal to lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks.

3. Avoid processed foods as much as possible.

This means eating little to no processed foods every day. Processed foods that I will eat (just being realistic here) include plant milks, some condiments like Braggs Liquid Aminos and Apple Cider Vinegar, and likely some rice breads here and there.

Processed foods that I won’t eat (that I usually do eat) include my wife’s healthy vegan and gluten free cookies (see tweet I sent just last night, below. Bummer.), cold cereals like corn flakes etc., and anything else that doesn’t grow from a tree etc. This means no more Chipotle lunches for a few weeks!

4. Eat a Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet.

So to replace my morning cereal, I will eat gluten free steel cut oats (this is the least processed whole food cereal I can get my hands on at the moment that’s within the realm of things I like to eat for breakfast), with home-made peanut butter (easy to do, I use the grinder at Whole Foods), a bit of flax milk or almond milk (this is what I have in the house right now), and some fruit.

Lunch will be salad salad salad with lots of green leafy veggies, beans (chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, etc. Are these considered processed? In any case, I’m including them in my 16 day push), almonds, raisins, green peppers, etc., with balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard for dressing (trust me, that’s a good combo to try. And means no oil in your salad dressing).

And for dinner, I’ll be on the quinoa / crushed tomato / pepper / onion / etc. train (that sort of thing. Healthy, easy to make dinners that I can make one night and eat for the next two thereafter). Lots of water as always throughout the day, and I’ll keep my coffee in the morning as is (I drink it black, like a man. Just kidding.).

5. Exercise More Regularly.

This is the easiest fix because I’ve been doing such a bad job of it, but also the one that requires the most schedule changing-around. Lately I’ve just been on the push-up-first-thing-in-the-morning train, but now I’ll supplement that with two days of core exercises and 5 days of running or other cardio. I almost just typed “4-5 days,” but I need to suck it up and do the 5. So there it is.

How will I execute this? See number 2, above. Tonight, I’ve got myself scheduled to run with a group of people in my neighborhood at 7pm. That’s too late for me and it gets in the way of my normal night, but it’s a good way to get back on the train (plus I’ll get to meet some cool people, as I always do when I run w/a group).

Other rules. If I am hungry, I will eat. I will eat a lot throughout all of this, in fact. Just the right foods. No starvation (not even close, that’s not where all this lives), just strict discipline to eating healthy foods in abundant quality and spirit. I want to be healthy, that is the very very simple goal for us all.

I think it will be tough to lose ten pounds in ~ 2 weeks, but even if I get to 172 I’ll take that. Even if I miss the goal, I will be healthier. Which is actually the goal. So can’t lose. Cool.

Have you done this before? In a way that’s healthy and good for you? Let me know, I could use the pointers! (and the encouragement :).

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